Eph 4:7 Each one, to their own…

“And the winner is…” The phrase that indirectly led to some unhealthy competitive behaviors in humanity. Sadly until now I also believed that to be “top” of my game I had to measure up to what the world defines as being a great human.

Ephesians 4:7 confirmed what I had felt for a long time. I have never been great at conforming. Those closest to me know that I am far from “typical Christian African female”. Satan tried to use that to his advantage by planting seeds which I sadly nurtured. You see, Lucy 😈 is incapable of creation so he latches onto what God created and perverts it.

An example, God gifted me with courage, compassion, intelligence and vitality. Those are my gifts “given according to the measure of Christ’s gift”. Satan knows this so he perverts the courage into doing daring wild things, the compassion into being foolish, the intelligence into pride and the vitality into workaholic tendencies. This is NOT what God had in mind when He gave me those gifts.

Remember, His gifts are irrevocable so I had to go back to Him to show me what I’m supposed to do with these gifts. He has been doing that daily❤ Its hard work because I have to unlearn everything Lucy 😈 taught me.

You can’t compare your gifts to someone. They are as unique as your fingerprints. For those of you trying to be on top of your game, may I suggest you go to the One who created the game (your life), created the player (You), and created the rules and tools (your gifts and how to use them).

Remember you were created for His glory, anything outside of that is just Lucy 😈 using your gifts for his kingdom. Trust me, I know 🙂

May you forever be a fruitful member of the Body of Christ as He guides you on maximizing the gifts He gave to you🌸

Be and stay blessed always!

Eph 2:1-8 Then and Now

There was once a vibe on social media about some 10-year challenge where people compared their looks then and now. My curiosity was not so much how I looked then, but what the state of my heart was then compared to now.

I often wonder, does God approve of this version of me? Have I improved, stayed the same or gotten worse?

From verse 1-3 I know that was definitely me once. So deeply entrenched in the drama of this world, caring too much what people thought, engaging in self-destructive thoughts and behaviours, doubting my gifts and callings, treating my Creator like a part-time Sunday weekend job. I was basically the chief griever of the Holy Spirit.

That was then.. before Love, His Love, finally broke through ALL of that and more. God broke, crushed and re-molded me to what He had in mind when He formed me in my mother’s womb. Lucy 😈 and I had to break-up and till today he hounds me for that.

Now I’m living in the moments of verse 4-8. I started to appreciate the gift of Salvation. I opened myself to His Love. I learned to navigate life through a different lens, His lens. I surrendered, allowing myself to be vulnerable with Him.

No, my life did not instantly become easier, I actually now engage in these crazy and petty fights with Lucy😈. Like the dude is really mad that I left😄

The difference now is I have this peace because over and over God has been faithful. Each day is truly a gift from Him and believe me, He picks up ALL of my calls to Him. Oh but Jesus❤

So yeah, I’m not the same. I couldn’t be. Im now fully aware of His Love for me, but most importantly I have received it and choose to dwell in it daily. Some days I trip and fall hard but His Love cushions me and I am able to get up and continue running my race. The race is not for the swift but for those who truly have the ability to commit, endure and finish the race.

I WILL die empty having poured out EVERYTHING He placed inside of me. That is the way of a Jesus Ninja 💯

Be and stay blessed always 🌸

Skip, hop and jump!! Isaiah 54:17

That moment when the door opens and you walk through. When He literally shows you how each tear you cried was not in vain. When He shows you His faithfulness! Oh but Jesus❤❤

You see, the weapons WILL be formed. They WILL be thrown at you. They WILL sometimes hit you, BUT they just don’t prosper. So it’s like shooting someone with the intention to kill but they end up with a flesh wound.

I mean Jesus was honest when He said in this world we will face tribulations then He goes on to say we should chill cos He is done with all of that (my version🙂). So if we are in Christ then we also overcome through Him.

My beloved mother called me today to encourage me. Her names are Tintswalo Grace (same meaning in different languages), and oh Lord she is every bit my double portion of Grace. Her words are always “God is still on the throne”.

I felt a skip, a hop and a jump in my spirit after talking to her🙌🙌 I realised that whatever was formed against me didn’t prosper😎

Look, if you can still praise Him, worship Him and talk to Him then those weapons were literally a waste of Lucy’s 😈 time!

Praise Him now because you know He is faithful.

Praise Him now because He has NEVER failed you.

Praise Him now cos if you don’t the rocks will do it anyway.

Don’t wait until you see the evidence. Not sure about you, but I refuse to have a rock do what I can do😏

Father thank you for the gift of love, life and salvation ❤

Philippians 3:8 Broken Pt 2

And so, as I started to rise from the brokenness, I looked down and saw things that I was carrying that could only have been revealed to me through breaking.

I was grieved cos I saw old wounds that had become cancerous and were manifesting in behaviours that created a continuous distance from my Creator. I had spent my life feeding my soul with rubbish.

My mind was messed up, my heart was in darkness and I was existing but not living. God can’t pour into a place that’s already full. The breaking was Him emptying His vessel.

Oh praise God!! Jesus. Jesus. Jesus ❤❤

I now count all those things I believed to be important as dung like Paul said so I could gain Christ. God has started to remodel me into what He had in mind when He formed me in my mother’s womb. All old things have truly passed away and now He is doing a new thing.

A God who pursued me to the pits of hell and back, who loved me even after I had played the harlot with my soul. This kind of love will never make sense to me – EVER! But now instead of questioning it, I’m opening myself up to receiving it. Satan will keep you from receiving God’s love by condemning you and making you feel unworthy of His love. There is no condemnation in Christ – NONE.

As a child runs to their parent after a messy number 2, run to Him with all your number 2s! Nothing is too messy, stinky or disgusting for Him. He is your Father, our Father who art in Heaven ❤

Your issues are safe with Him. He is the ONLY confidant I know who has never been shocked or confused by my behavior. He allowed the brokenness so I could move closer to Him. It was through the breaking that my breakthrough came❤

It’s a journey. It’s a relationship. It’s a process. Open your heart and invite Jesus in. Its the best invitation you will ever make in your life.

Be and stay blessed always 🌸

2 Cor 4:18 Broken Pt 1

This post is for anyone going through brokenness. The kind of brokenness that makes you choke in tears each time you think about it.

In 2020 you kept the faith and believed that, come 2021, you are done with pain! Until something happened in 2021 that dragged you into the pit of pain like never before!!

You hit the floor hard, ALL of you shattered and you are sobbing like Naomi and ready to change your name to Mara. Ready to lose hope like Ezekiel.

And then after all of that; a warmth starts developing within.. Not because the situation has changed, but YOU did! Deep down you know God hasn’t moved from the throne, His Love still remains and that your brokenness was not in vain.

All those tears, the breaking, the pain, the anxiety and perceived neglect was not in vain. You know what? Either way, LIFE – WILL – BREAK – YOU!! The comfort is when you break in HIS presence.

I sometimes project my pain to innocent people who have nothing to do with my situation, including God. Now I’m VERY clear who my enemy is – Lucy, a.k.a Lucifer😈

Now I’m mature enough to understand that God is GOOD, like ALL the time. I’m learning to understand the real enemy who has a purpose to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY, a.k.a Lucy 😈.

God showed me how Lucy can work through people I love and trust, through situations and through my environment. So I’m learning to be vigilant.

The world is broken. People are broken, including you. STOP expecting humans to do what ONLY GOD can do – which is – to FIX YOU and YOUR BROKENNESS. It’s just not their role in your life.

Limp, crawl or roll to Him. Whatever you choose, go👏to👏Him. People are just that – People! They have their own limitations. Trust me they are also broken in some way, they just hide it better than you.

Who but God knows the hearts of men? (Jer 17:9-10).

There are somethings in your life that only God can deal with. Please stop overwhelming your fellow humans with God-issues! Its not fair.

Whoever you believe created you, go to them. As for me – I go to Jesus. The Author and Finisher of my faith. It is by His will that I still breathe. So whatever fixing needs to happen, He must do it.

I am a Jesus Ninja. Through it all, I will forever trust and serve Him. No person has ever:

1. Sacrificed their life for me

2. Intercede for me ALL the time

3. Loved me beyond measure

That’s why He gets ALL of me, because I know how difficult I am to love, but He does – Everyday and ALLDAY❤

If you can relate – just praise Him🙌🙌🙌

Buried or Planted?

The process of burial and planting is quite similar. A hole is dug, stuff is put into the ground and covered up. No one can see what is happening under ground until time has passed. With burial nothing shoots above the ground, with planting life shoots up and breaks through the ground.

How we end up in the ground is really not the issue. Life is unpredictable and everyone has been in the ground in some form or shape. Sadly some people never broke through.

While in the ground of life there is darkness, uncertainty, anguish, pain etc.. However for those who know that God’s hands can reach to that depth of darkness, believe that they have been planted and not buried. Just like a developing embryo in the womb, some gifts and callings are developed in secret. Only God knows the schedule of that development. Your role is to trust the Initiator of the process.

As I write this I’m going through that process. I feel like I’m ready to go out there, but God is saying “soon but not yet my beloved”. It’s hard being in this space. It’s lonely, painful and often frustrating. My friend Ps Veronica reminded me last night that God knows best, I believe her. Just looking at the mess I created when I leaned on my own understanding is evidence that I should rather trust Him🙂

Keep the dream alive, it looks hopeless right now. You are at your wit’s end, breaking in ways you can’t explain, hurting and exhausted. God knows and cares. Look past your feelings and remember what He promised. Yes the Red Sea is in front, the Egyptian army is approaching BUT God did part the Red Sea..

Whatever your “Egyptian army” looks like now, God said “you shall see them no more…, be STILL” (Ex 14:13-14). You are not decaying under the ground, you are developing into something glorious. You WILL breakthrough the ground soon.

Hang in there🍀 Be blessed always.

Rolling stone… Matthew 27 and 28

I can only imagine what it was like when that stone was rolled and Jesus was not found amongst the dead!

The drama of persecution happened and you were put into the grave, amongst the dead. It can be relationship, emotional, financial or soul death. This year stones will be rolled. Are you lying dead in the tomb or risen and seated at the right hand of God?

2020 was hard! However, if you are reading this then you made it. Honestly I’m so over Satan’s tactics (kill, steal and destroy) that I boldly declare the loss encountered by hell. Satan fights dirty with crazier rules than a street fight, BUT God is bigger🙌

“God is still on the throne”, as my mom would say. Change your perspective. Ask Him to reveal the purpose of your pain. Remember that though we are cast down, we are not forsaken. Where there is life, there is hope.

I now glory in my weakness cos that is when I witnessed His strength!

I praise Him despite my circumstances cos He is God!

I continue to have faith cos He is permanent, our life on Earth is not.

I am Erengai Elaine Mofokeng. His Jesus Ninja. His creation. His annointed. His beloved.

2021, Bring 👏 it 👏 on!!!

Stay blessed always 🌸

2020 Finale – God Is Faithful

What a blessing it is to serve a God who is not man that He should lie. A God whose hand is not too short to save us from any situation. A God who does not sleep or slumber. A God who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent!

Father thank you for the gift of life, love and salvation. Thank you for the moments of brokenness that were not in vain. Thank you for your provision, protection and leadership. Thank you for creating me in your image!

Through the fire – You are faithful!

Through the drought – You are faithful!

Through the storm – You are faithful!

There are people who would die if they went through what I did, but Your grace and mercy covered me. Your eye is truly always on the Sparrow – ME! The hedge that You built around me has kept me to this day! Blessed be your name!

As you wrap up the year 2020, I pray you will see the faithfulness of God in your life. Look for those moments when your back was literally against the wall and you believed it was over until Mercy said Nope! Look for those moments when your world was so dark it made night look like day until His light came shining and revealed what you needed to perceive so you could continue your path.

Only you know what you went through and how He showed up for you. He shows up because He loves you and He is faithful. That is Who God is. Oh what a friend we truly have in Jesus! Unmatched and Undefeated!

Happy 2020 holidays. Be blessed always💜

Sermon Time: Judges 6:36-39

You know the benefits of being in Christ is you only have Him to soothe, verify and justify your doubts about the events of life…

So there I was at midnight wondering if God even has time for my “petty” drama. I call it petty because I realise that being in a financial dilemma is a temporary situation compared to someone who lost a loved one – death is permanent.

Like Gideon I’m faced with battles that most people are faced with not knowing if I will actually win. So last night I literally asked God for a sign, just like Gideon did in the scriptures. I recited Psalm 51:10-11 over and over till sleep got to me..

Following day in the afternoon I was bothered by my pending battle so I shared it with a friend. The woman refers me to Psalm 51! I was like, “God, you actually listened to me😭😭”. In the middle of the night while reciting that Psalm God heard ME!

Like, the God of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Alpha and Omega, gave ME a sign that He was listening! I don’t know about you, but that for me was epic!

God doesn’t have to prove anything to me, but He did. Like Gideon, I asked for a sign and He answered. It can’t be Satan cos all that one does is Kill, Steal and Destroy. I have experience to prove it😏

So… if God could listened to ME, a sinner, He will listen to YOU. Go to Him with whatever bothers you. Ask for a sign – even two signs if you have to – just like Gideon in the scriptures. He is faithful and just. God created YOU in HIS image. You are HIS.

God knows the plans He has for you, they are NOT evil or meant to harm you. Yes it burns right now but it’s just a season – it shall come to pass. Keep your faith and hold that head of yours high.


Reflections: Thanksgiving

As the year approaches an end I’ve started taking stock of how and where I spent my greatest resource – TIME.

Time is the one thing that makes us equal. We all get the same amount. Since owning my Jesus Ninja title, I literally experienced Hell’s operations in ways I can’t even describe. Like Satan really went ALL out to Kill, Steal and Destroy everything attached to me. He used things, people and situations. He played mind games that pushed me to my limits. There were times I was just like “Lord I’m done, I can’t and won’t do this anymore”.

I didn’t know a person could experience that level of pain and still be alive. I questioned the whole Salvation deal, in my anger I told God “no wonder Jonah ran away and everyone you use gives up at some point. Your ways are just too much!”. I was hurt, angry and really felt this Christian thing was not working for me anymore.

I now look back and can see how He was working for my good all this time. How, in my state of pain, He used me to be a blessing to others. How He covered me from destructive thoughts. How He gave me the grace to accomplish things that were deemed impossible, especially with the completion of my Psychology Masters degree. How He covered me from feeling overwhelmed by Satan’s attacks through preserving my soul. That is the ONE thing Satan couldn’t touch🙌

How he connected me with people who would pray with and for me. How He taught me the power of praising Him in ALL situations. Most importantly how He loved me during those hectic moments when I was literally all alone with no one to share my pain with. He gently took whatever I was clutching in my broken heart and replaced it with a soothing balm that no person could ever have offered.

He has been my confidant, my comforter, my counselor, my rock, my shield, my provider, my peace.

Father thank you for the gift of life. I may not have everything I have asked from you YET, but I have YOU. May your word forever be a lamp unto my feet as I navigate the Ways of a Jesus Ninja in this weird and crazy planet!