Done being cute Lord…

For the past two days I have been receiving news that either shook me to my core or broke my spirit. I was honestly not ready for this level of brokenness in the human race.

While chatting to a friend today, who is going through a thorny season, I found myself referencing Hannah’s prayer. Her prayer was so earnest the prophet Samuel thought she was drunk. Check out 1 Samuel 1:13.

I told her this is now time to stop being cute about her prayers and to just pour everything out as messy as it is. Two hours later I realised why I had so much passion while talking to her. I’m fed up with Lucy 😈 and his rubbish!

Lucy 😈 has been using situations, things and people to frustrate God’s children. He has literally been roaming around looking for marriages, jobs, finances, relationships, mental health, livelihoods and lives to devour. He knows he can’t touch you, but he can touch what is linked to you and exhaust you through the drama around that thing.

God says we should come to Him with our weariness and heavy burdens so He can give us rest. I always say “rest is a weapon”. Go to that place where it’s just you and God and earnestly talk to Him. Not that cute “wanna look cool” talk with God. That earnest, heart wrenching prayer. Let your prayer reflect the depth of your anguished soul.

I preach this to myself also. There are some annoying things that I’m about to take to the throne of Grace. I’ve tried to be cute about them with zero success😔 I’m wearied but I’ll still worship Him. Even Lucy 😈 can’t compete with a wearied worshiper.

Let us go to our Father. Let us go to the One who knew these things would come to pass. Let us go to the One in whose image we are created – the great I AM.

May your answer be swifter than you expect. It is coming. Be blessed always 🌸

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