To be loved by Him…

I can’t begin to imagine what Paul was going through to produce 2 Corinthians 4:8-10. What I do know is that I can relate.

To this day I look at my life and just don’t understand how I’m still here. The attacks from Lucy’s 😈 corporation have been so real, yet here I am still standing. Father truly, what manner of love is this???

I look at myself and just see someone who is constantly falling short of His glory, disappointing Him and not doing what He commands. Yet, God’s love has NEVER failed. His mercy continues to endure. His favour and grace so evident. Oh but Jesus, Jesus, Jesus 😭😭❤

I am so undeserving, and yet, You Lord call me Beloved. You have gathered me, washed me, covered me, comforted me and wiped every tear I shed during those moments I was breaking in ways I can’t even articulate. This you did because you love me. This you continue to do because your love is never ending.

No… I will never comprehend this kind of love. It defies my human logic! I’m just grateful for it and all I can do is praise and worship You!

Father thank you for the gift of life and love. To be loved by You is enough. My Creator, my Covering, my balm of Gilead, my King, my Redeemer, my Salvation, my EVERYTHING ❤❤❤

Glory, honor and praise to You ALWAYS.🌸

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.