And then you die…

Reflecting on the story of Lazarus I now realise how much of it’s essence I missed. Please read the story in John 11.

My key question was “Lord, why let Lazarus, your friend, die if you knew you were going to raise him anyway?” This question in my life looks like this, “Lord why let me live if you knew my life would be so crazy?”

I find it interesting that what everyone called death, Jesus called “sleeping” (v11). How many times have you thought it’s over and dead only to realise it was just sleeping? How many times have you “boxed” His sovereignty thinking His ways were yours?

In verse 4 the burning question is answered. In our context today the scripture would say “Because He is God and He can..” Yep, all of that was so that His name could be glorified. If you know you strive to serve Him as best as you can yet face “death” too many times; He allowed it so His name could be glorified.

Basically it’s so that when you come out of it you can know beyond doubt that it was God. Our Creator will NOT share His glory (Isaiah 42:8). In the moments of your pain you might be tempted, like me, to say “Lord, I don’t deserve this” then God goes and throws Job 38-39 at you!

Go through the process trusting that He NEVER allows things into your life unless they will work out for your good; purely because you love Him and are called according to His purpose (Rom 8:28).

I honestly don’t care who any person is, don’t put yourself in a position where God has to remind you of your humanity. He is God, not a god.

To this day there are only two people I fear in this world; my mother when she is angry. Her names are Tintswalo Grace. Tintswalo means Grace. I was birthed by double Grace. Even a crazy person doesn’t want to mess with double Grace. Second person is anyone who knows my date, time and cause of death and where my soul will go after that. I doubt I’ll EVER meet that person. Above these two people, I fear God.

Each time I go through stuff, I do my best not to stir His anger lest I be thrown with 77 questions like Job. It’s hard since I often feel God owes me an explanation😀

Dying to self is part of this Christian journey (Rom 8:12-13). Some events are random and some are Lucy’s 😈 strategic intentions. Either way, you will come out better and wiser as long as you stay in His presence.

Keep your faith. Continue praying. Then water that faith and prayer with praise and worship!

Be blessed always 🌸

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.