Relationships: The beginning

Sometimes there are things we need to heal from through writing. I’m one of those people. My blog posts are themed and I hope as you read, you can identify how God’s faithfulness is evident in my imperfect life.

I decided to start with the Relationships theme.

I just love LOVE. I love the concept of two people who are committed to doing life together with love as a foundation.

I was married for almost 5 years before the divorce. Like anyone in love I was shattered. Ideally, most people want that forever situation. My son was just over a year at the time of the divorce and after surviving the divorce process, I was broken in my spirit and didn’t have a clue what to do with a child. Thank God for my parents who allowed me to stay at home while figuring out stuff.

It’s the figuring out stuff that I will discussing on this theme of Relationships. None of the women in my life could relate to my experience. It was quite tricky but I lived to tell the tale!