God wants to use YOU

I hate conflict. For someone with a temper issue that is really a bold statement.

My mother called it “the temper of Moses”. Many times God will say “Beloved, speak to the rock”. Yet, like Moses I usually disobey and strike it then ultimately miss my “Canaan” due to my disobedience. Don’t judge me, please pray for me.

So you can imagine how I always believed God would just never use me for anything. Lucy 😈 made sure that I carried that chip on my shoulder for a loooooong time!

You see, I thought God was only interested in people who were holy. I didn’t realize that holiness is God’s standard that ONLY through Him we can be. I didn’t realize that while being on earth, in my human flesh, holiness is the mark that I will be constantly pursuing but will never fully reach. Though I keep at it cos I’m so drawn to my Creator who is nothing but holy.

That’s why God honors your heart. He knows that though each day you trip and fall, your aim is to please Him. He knows that you don’t premeditate over sin and sees the remorse you go through when you do sin.

If none of this makes sense then please read the book of Psalms? There are so many emotions coming from one person in that book yet one thing is clear – the Psalmist loved God and wanted to please Him.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Wake up, pray that you walk in the light of His love and if you find yourself not living that prayer, go back to Him and He will direct your path.

God wants to use you. Yet He won’t force you. He wants you to make the choice. Just as you are, go to Him. I repeat, just as you are.

He placed something inside of you when you came to earth. That something is to be used for His glory. Since God doesn’t do mediocre it means each us have greatness within us that only God can unleash!

PSALM 34:8 is the most beautiful invitation EVER! Oh but will you just go to Him?

Be and stay blessed always 🌸

Being YOU: Inspired by Ruth

Depending where you started reading this blog you probably know snippets of my life through the lens of my Jesus Ninja-Ness😎

I firmly believe in Love. That’s how God spoke to me. I can handle ANY situation as long as the motive is LOVE. I just respond well to LOVE. I’m literally and genetically engineered that way.

By LOVE I mean it’s definition from the Bible (1 Cor 13:4-8).

So, I believe you usually attract what you give off. Because of previous experiences I shun out this emotion. Yet God kept calling me in the language of LOVE. I’m convinced that’s what He did for Ruth.

Was it Naomi? Nope! It was God looking at her “non-Jewish” heart and deciding He had something BIGGER! Remember, Ruth was a Moabite who married a Jew.


Here is this woman who lost her Jewish husband, yet chooses to follow Naomi (a Jew) not knowing what will be???

Maybe Ruth observed Naomi and saw her “keep-keeping-on” then decided to do the same? But then, why did Orpah leave? She observed the same thing?

I believe it’s because God knew Ruth’s heart. After all, she is created in His image❤ Also, I believe Ruth’s behavior was just consistent with her character. Ruth was a good person. Period.

Do you now see how God can use A👏NY👏BO👏DY👏? I repeat, be careful who you go around hating… Ruth was being herself and God honored that. Moabite or not, she was a good woman and God was faithful to her.

However you identify in this world, be YOU! Despite previous failures in relationships or spouses dying, be the person God called you to be.

Serve. Love. Praise and watch the space🙌

Like Ruth, some of us desire Godly companionship where someone looks at you and enquires about you😍 See Ruth 2:5. I believe Boaz only did that because he was so captivated by God’s LOVE through Ruth!

Pray NOT, to ever settle for less than you know He promised.

Unless your Soul feels God’s sound, touch and image, it’s definitely Lucy 😈.

Always remember that Lucy is just interested in your Soul😎

Be territorial about your anointed and awesome Self. Rock yourself to sleep if you have to. During hard times, call Him! He ALWAYS picks up❤

Be and stay blessed always 🌸

Repentance Matt 27:3-5

Without boring you with the Theology of Judas, I just want to share something fundamental about him.

So this dude betrays Jesus, gets paid for it, realises it was a bad idea then takes his own life.. PAUSE…….

I actually feel bad for Judas. The guy gave in to his flesh (like so many of us) then couldn’t face life and decided to take it. The Bible says in verse 5 “… and went and hanged himself”. We don’t know what was the time period between him giving back the money and the hanging.

What was significant for me is that Judas did repent (verse 3). Be careful of condemning those who repented. I also preach this to myself.

It’s easier to condemn than to understand and show compassion. I’m not saying embrace the Judas’ of this planet. Like there are some people I believe would be better off with their Creator. Don’t judge me. Pray for me.

What I’m saying is know that God doesn’t see people as you do. Like how else could God use Saul turned Paul? How could God use Moses the killer? Use Tamar the harlot? Use David the adulterer and killer? Use Joshua the panic dude (Joshua had to be told quite a lot to “have courage”) etc…

I know what it’s like to be discriminated against, used, marginalised and judged. Yet, God calls me Beloved. Took me a while to trust how He sees me compared to how people see me. Till today there are people wondering “how could God work through her??😄)

So Judas betrayed our Saviour who was God in the flesh. My question is, how many people have you betrayed? No they were not Jesus, but they are created in God’s image…

Salvation is not easy guys, yet we keep at it till the day of Christ. I glory in my pain cos I know it’s not in vain. I praise Him through my discomfort cos I have seen Him do the impossible. I talk to Him cos even though people don’t treat me right He calls me Beloved.

Oh please would you just go to Him? Just say “Jesus, I need you. I believe you died on the cross for my sins. You are the Son of God. Show me the way”.

Trick is you need to mean it. The way to the Father is THROUGH Jesus. Call Him and repent of whatever it is. He always picks up❤ Trust me, I know.

Guys I have survived stuff that would make Mufasa (Lion King) and Morphius (Matrix) cringe😄 Only because He LOVES me – a sinner just tryna do His will but sometimes falls.

Judas repented. Look up the definition of repentance and tell me we won’t meet this dude in heaven?

Be blessed always 🌸

It’s Yours.. Rom 11:29

I now understand why the grave is the richest place in the world.

We are all born with gifts and callings as specified by our Creator. That means only you can do what you were created for. The power to choose whether or not you want to unleash your potential is yours.

Basically what God gave you is YOURS. Just as your fingerprints are unique, so are your gifts and callings. When you die, your fingerprints don’t duplicate. They die with you. You can however choose to leave a few prints here and there, a.k.a LEGACY.

The scripture says “gifts and callings”, that is plural. So why do we limit ourselves? Cos Lucy 😈 convinces us that we can never be multidimensional. This is weird since we are created in God’s image and He is multidimensional.

No, we are NOT God but created in His image. So as His creation we reflect Him. Same principle with people who have kids. Your children are not you, but they have your image in some way.

Lucy 😈 can’t steal your gifts and callings, but can stop you from discovering them. If you do discover them Lucy 😈 creates the challenge of enjoying them.

BUT, God is bigger. Stop downplaying what God gave you. Your life is a gift, you didn’t earn it. Look, if there is one verse you need to remember it’s John 3:16. He loves YOU.

Yes you have done some stuff, yet He says come as you are and He will make it right. Like Paul, I can be called chief sinner, but after He redeemed me through the blood of Christ all those old things fell away.

God is not just loving. He is LOVE!

Imagine if all His creation lived to their full potential? It all starts with each of us. That’s why jealousy is so silly. You will NEVER be them and they can NEVER be you.

Jesus wants to show you how awesome you are, but you need to go to Him.

Trust me it works.

Just as you are, go to Him. He is waiting to show you the way to be fruitful with your gifts and callings that our Father gave us!

Be blessed always 🌸

The Timothy’s in our lives…

While reading the letter Paul wrote to the Phillipians; I was moved by how affectionately he referred to Timothy in Phil 2:20. Can you imagine someone saying that about you? Have you ever had anyone who loves God like Paul did, say they knew NO ONE but you with whom they were like-minded? That is trust and love on another level!

What life has taught me about people in ministry is their humbleness to know that having someone in your life who serves God besides you is not a competition thing. I mean Moses had Aaron. Joshua had Caleb. David had Nathan. Naomi had Ruth. Elijah had Elisha etc..

One of the things anyone called to ministry does is assess the people in their life. You observe and ask, are they like minded to serve and help birth what God has placed inside of you?

This includes the people we marry to the friends we make and choose to keep. It is not judgment but discernment of the spirit behind that person because as you mature in your faith you realise that the company you keep can either give growth or death to your purpose. Remember Ahab and his marriage to Jezebel?

1. Was Ahab warned? Yep.

2. Did Ahab listen? Nope.

3. Did Ahab reap unpleasantness? Yep.

Sadly I can fully relate to Ahab on all questions above🙈. I thank God that His grace covered me after my divorce and still does each day with all my flaws.

While God covered me, I also had to play my part. It is through reflecting on the choices I was making (which I could trace to influences of certain people) that I am now becoming wiser.

Each day I still trip and fall but I am able to sometimes draw from the strength of the Timothy’s in my life who help me get up. They don’t scold, judge or post my business out there. They remind me who I am in Christ, speak the truth with love, remind me of my purpose and lead me back to the tracks to continue running my race.

I believe God has placed a Timothy (or a few in my case🥰) in everyone’s life. I pray that you connect with them. I pray that you can look at your life and just praise God for that person or people with a mind like yours concerning the ministry you believe God has given you.

Be and stay blessed always 🌸