Rolling stone… Matthew 27 and 28

I can only imagine what it was like when that stone was rolled and Jesus was not found amongst the dead! The drama of persecution happened and you were put into the grave, amongst the dead. It can be relationship, emotional, financial or soul death. This year stones will be rolled. Are you lying deadContinue reading “Rolling stone… Matthew 27 and 28”

Reflections: Purpose during Pain

Never realised that God could still use a person while they are in pain. I guess I figured His will is only for those who are trending, slaying or in a fabulous space mentally, emotionally and spirituality. My perception changed when a friend asked me if I would have served God willingly had I beenContinue reading “Reflections: Purpose during Pain”

Reflections: All Comes Down To Love

It would be an injustice if I didn’t acknowledge the role sisterhood plays in shaping great women. If you have been following my blog you will note a point where I once did such. But, there are two women who have shown me that sisterhood transcends differences in character. First there is Tshego who isContinue reading “Reflections: All Comes Down To Love”

Reflections: Forgive and Heal..

Ever had those moments when you feel fragile all the time? Its like a fly passing could easily set you off into a darkness of grief? Well, this morning was one of those moments. I can’t even remember the actual topic between my sister and I. I remember feeling this choking, trying to hold offContinue reading “Reflections: Forgive and Heal..”

The Father’s Love: Arise and Live!

Ezekiel 16:6 V6: Live – remember those times when life itself had no meaning? When the pain was so unbearable you desired death? When you cried from the depths of your soul? The bleeding spoken of in scripture may have been self-induced due to foolishness (everyone has had a run in with foolishness) or inflictedContinue reading “The Father’s Love: Arise and Live!”