To My Creator

My Creator, Saviour and Redeemer…

This page is for YOU..

At times I truly wonder why you formed me, why you chose me, why you decided to let me live to witness all this life?

From birth till now I have been nothing but an irritation to Lucy 😈 and his kingdom. Actually more than that.

I have been the recipient of brokenness and been the one breaking others.

This you forgave.

My heart was turned cold, I have also turned other’s hearts cold.

This you forgave.

My little woman-made kingdom was shattered and I did the same to both men and women.

This you also forgave.

The list is endless. I get it now. I know why you forgave..

It’s LOVE. I love you because you loved me first. You created me in your image and LOVE is who you are. That’s how you got my attention. Like you actually chose ME. Besides what has, is and will continue to be thought, said and done to me. Your LOVE will remain!!!!!!!

What would my love letter to you say Lord? It starts with I’m sorry..

Father I’m sorry for being angry to the point that I tainted your Creation. Hurting people hurt others. One can only give what they have within.. I now realise that you created humans in your image so in hurting them I was actually hurting YOU.

Thank you for never giving up on me. For blessing me with a sensitive heart; that I often despise. Ask Jesus and the Holy Spirit, humans are weird. So please filter those that cross my path cos you know that Moses temper still brewes within me😏

Thank you for protecting me from child molesters, psycho caregivers, abusive relationships, satanic managers and Lucy’s 😈 MANY other weapons.

Most importantly, Lord thank you for this gift of writing so I can share your Grace, Mercy and Favour. You Lord have been the PERFECT Father, Gentleman and sooooo much more. To honor you I chose to fully accept your gift of life and love.

I’ll walk in it for as long as I have breath in me. I WILL DIE EMPTY. Now I realise that it is by Grace that I live.

My ninja blades are sharpened. Show me where to direct them Lord cos then I’ll know my aim WILL be true.

I’m ready. LE – GO!

Jesus Ninja