Jesus is waiting…

When I started blogging, I just wanted to share my journey as a Christian black woman.

All the content is literally something I’ve experienced. My goal was 40 blogs as a gift to myself. This year is my 40th year of life❤. This is my last blog.

The best story that mirrors my journey is John 4:1-42. I’m the Samaritan woman. Verse 11 is my past where I questioned Jesus’ intentions for loving me. Like me, this woman uses logic and reality with Jesus. In OUR context she was saying “Jews and Samaritans don’t mix, so what’s your deal dude?”

In MY context it was, “God is holy, I’m far from that. He will never use me. Probably hates me and will send me to Lucy’s 😈 crib when I die. So why bother having a relationship with Jesus”. I just never imagined a holy God being interested in a sinner like me. Also, the stuff I went through in life just seemed to validate this twisted narrative!

Fortunately for me, I kept talking to my Creator; even though I was conflicted about Him. God knows my heart and He spoke to me through His nature – Love. I responded. My perspective started to shift. He literally waited for me!

Verse 39 is my current and future state. Here I am “running” around telling people about this Jesus who loved a sinner like me❤

I joke about being God’s “problem child” cos I’m very strong willed with a “Moses temper”, yet God gave me a good heart that responds so well to LOVE. Everything I went through was not in vain. He was there with me, I just couldn’t see Him.

Just as He waited for the Samaritan woman, He is waiting for you. If none of this makes sense, please listen to Travis Greene “You waited”🎵.

All our encounters with Jesus will be different based on our gifts and callings. My gift is communication. My calling is to heal others through learning, serving and loving.

This blog was the beginning of my journey in fulfilling my calling. My aim is to die empty.

As I “pen down” on my 40th blog, I’m in awe of His Faithfulness, Mercy, Grace and Favour❤

A new chapter is beginning in my life and I’m sooooo excited! Thank you for going through this chapter with me. For actually taking the time to even read my blogs. For the encouragement. It was not easy, yet I went ahead and did it. Some asked, “Why though Elaine?”, cos when He put this desire in my heart I asked Him, “Lord, what should I write about? What should I tell them?”. The answer was clear, “Tell them I love them”.

He loves you. Always has. Always will. Just as you are. You were created by Him, in His image.

Stay blessed always 🌸

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.