So I didn’t quite grow up with my parents as a child. Both my parents were pretty young and just starting out their careers. For reasons that no longer matter I was raised by different people. This means I moved around a LOT. While it takes a village to raise a child, I can tell you that not everyone in that village likes raising other people’s kids.

The consequences of that moving around created a sense of abandonment and building of walls in me. I grew up believing that I was literally the only person I could trust with having my own back. I had trust issues including trusting God.

Now that I’m a grown woman I realise that I carried that baggage. While I’ve always been fully functional cognitively, I struggled emotionally. Then Ps Vera Sithole taught me that “what is not revealed, can’t be redeemed”.

At first I thought she meant I must go around sharing my issues. In my brain I was like “no thanks”. I was wrong. Only Christ can redeem me. So I started opening up to Him. Slowly He started to heal me and still continues to do so. You see, even though God knew everything in my heart, He needed me to speak it out to Him.

Let us not carry what is meant only for Him to carry. Let us allow ourselves to be vulnerable enough to trust Him with our issues. People may not get you, He does.

In every human lies a desire to be understood. Stop going to people for this. Go to Jesus and He will connect you with people who will ride or die with you as you heal.

Life is tricky. Jesus is not.

Everything you are going through will eventually work out for your good. That’s what God said, I believe Him. REVEAL to Jesus so He can REDEEM. Tell Him EVERYTHING.. How it’s unfair. How it hurts. How you are angry and anguished. Like E👏ve👏ry👏thing👏

No one but Jesus has the answers and the healing you seek. He is our Saviour. Our salvation. Our Redeemer.

Stay blessed always 🌸

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

2 thoughts on “You REVEAL, God REDEEMS

  1. Good day Elaine so proud of you. And happy birthday today may you see many more and God bless you.

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