Skip, hop and jump!! Isaiah 54:17

That moment when the door opens and you walk through. When He literally shows you how each tear you cried was not in vain. When He shows you His faithfulness! Oh but Jesus❤❤

You see, the weapons WILL be formed. They WILL be thrown at you. They WILL sometimes hit you, BUT they just don’t prosper. So it’s like shooting someone with the intention to kill but they end up with a flesh wound.

I mean Jesus was honest when He said in this world we will face tribulations then He goes on to say we should chill cos He is done with all of that (my version🙂). So if we are in Christ then we also overcome through Him.

My beloved mother called me today to encourage me. Her names are Tintswalo Grace (same meaning in different languages), and oh Lord she is every bit my double portion of Grace. Her words are always “God is still on the throne”.

I felt a skip, a hop and a jump in my spirit after talking to her🙌🙌 I realised that whatever was formed against me didn’t prosper😎

Look, if you can still praise Him, worship Him and talk to Him then those weapons were literally a waste of Lucy’s 😈 time!

Praise Him now because you know He is faithful.

Praise Him now because He has NEVER failed you.

Praise Him now cos if you don’t the rocks will do it anyway.

Don’t wait until you see the evidence. Not sure about you, but I refuse to have a rock do what I can do😏

Father thank you for the gift of love, life and salvation ❤

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

One thought on “Skip, hop and jump!! Isaiah 54:17

  1. Oh Bawo…thank you. You are faithful in all Your ways. I’m humbled 😭😭😭
    When God speaks the wise listens. God bless you sisi. May He continue manifest His glory through your gift🤗😇

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