Relationships: Mothers, fathers and sisters

I’m the eldest of two daughters. The age gap between my sister and I is almost 8 years. This means we never quite played together and by the time she was born I had come to “my own”. My mother’s name is Grace. She is in every sense graceful. While she couldn’t relate to whatContinue reading “Relationships: Mothers, fathers and sisters”

Relationships: The loving friends

I’m generally not a “bubbly” kinda girl. I’m polite, but just not “bubbly”. So it’s very difficult for most people to approach me. That was my “saving grace” in hiding from people. I was fine with my solitude and humans just irritated me. It was about a few months after the divorce and I wasContinue reading “Relationships: The loving friends”

Relationships: Anger is a self-consuming fire

After dealing with Shame, I dealt with its treacherous friend Anger.. I was more angry at myself than the ex.. How could I, the psychologist in training allow myself to be in such a rubbish situation? The fierce, independent me had allowed herself to be in this state? I was beyond livid! So I startedContinue reading “Relationships: Anger is a self-consuming fire”