Relationships: The loving friends

I’m generally not a “bubbly” kinda girl. I’m polite, but just not “bubbly”. So it’s very difficult for any human to approach me. That was my “saving grace” in hiding from people. I was fine with my solitude and humans just irritated me. It was about a few months after the divorce and I was still angry about life in general so that’s the energy I gave off.

The first person I met who dared to cross my barrier was Nozibele Nqabeni.. She was not at all intimidated by my high electric walls. Her motherly approach just melted my ice-cold heart. Slowly I started to warm up to human beings. She refused to entertain my coldness and instead poured out nothing but love. At the time I honestly believed no one could love me. Man or woman.

Two other important women contributed to my 15% of warmth that survived during my ang-er-thon.. Sandra and Risana. Sandra made sure I broke up with Shame A.S.A.P! She is the “dont negotiate with the devil”, fierce and caring kinda girl. We met in 2001 and have been friends since. Although I constantly found ways to avoid her, she never gave up on me. We are still friends to date.

Risana was my constant voice of reason. She prevented me from being a full blown psychopath and reminded about the importance of humour. We would have 2 hour conversations on the phone which I still cherish to this day.

Not once have these women judged me. Sandra and Risana have seen me fall, rise and go stagnant since 2001 and they still loved me. Nozi didn’t know me but when we met in 2014 she broke down barriers I believed were solid, through Love.

NEVER underestimate the power of girlfriends in your life. I believe that God puts every person in your life-path for a reason. I salute Nozi, Sandra and Risana for being those women to me. No judgement ever came from them even at my lowest – God Bless them until they have no room to receive more!

Published by Elaine Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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