Relationships: The loving friends

I’m generally not a “bubbly” kinda girl. I’m polite, but just not “bubbly”. So it’s very difficult for most people to approach me. That was my “saving grace” in hiding from people. I was fine with my solitude and humans just irritated me. It was about a few months after the divorce and I was still angry about life in general so that’s the energy I gave off.

The first person I met who dared to cross my barrier was Nozi. She was not at all intimidated by my high electric walls. Her motherly approach just melted my ice-cold heart. Slowly I started to warm up. She refused to entertain my coldness and instead poured out nothing but love. At the time I honestly believed no one could love me. Man or woman.

My two friends that contributed to my 15% of warmth that survived during my ang-er-thon are Sandra and Risana.

Sandra made sure I broke up with Shame A.S.A.P! She is compassion and warrior personified. That “dont negotiate with the devil” kinda girl❤

Risana prevented me from being a full blown psychopath and reminded me about the importance of humour. Till today we have 2 hour conversations which would probably land us in a psychiatric institution ❤😀

I believe that God puts every person in your life-path for a reason. I salute these women! God Bless them beyond their imagination!!

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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