Relationships: Anger is a self-consuming fire

After dealing with Shame, I dealt with its treacherous friend Anger.. I was more angry at myself than the ex..

How could I, the psychologist in training allow myself to be in such a rubbish situation? The fierce, independent me had allowed herself to be in this state? I was beyond livid!

So I started building walls around me. I vowed to never allow any man, woman or living organism to hurt me ever again. What I did not realise was that, while building these walls I was also protecting myself from me.

I was bitter, angry, hurt and just limping through life. I was a functional hate-a-holic. Men were the primary object of my hatred followed by so-called Christians. My relationship with God was tainted by this hatred. I was isolated and depressed. My only purpose for breathing was this small human being depending on me.

My son is a miracle. Born at 27 weeks (800g), he truly fought to live. He was my constant reminder that there is purpose in pain. That I serve a relationship kinda God who meets you exactly where you are. Anger consumed my Joy, energy and hairlinešŸ˜„

I sadly spent about 2 years in a relationship with Anger. At the time I believed I needed to stay angry to be focused. But LOVE beckoned.. To be more precise, God beckoned me..

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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