The Timothy’s in our lives…

While reading the letter Paul wrote to the Phillipians; I was moved by how affectionately he referred to Timothy in Phil 2:20. Can you imagine someone saying that about you? Have you ever had anyone who loves God like Paul did, say they knew NO ONE but you with whom they were like-minded? That is trust and love on another level!

What life has taught me about people in ministry is their humbleness to know that having someone in your life who serves God besides you is not a competition thing. I mean Moses had Aaron. Joshua had Caleb. David had Nathan. Naomi had Ruth. Elijah had Elisha etc..

One of the things anyone called to ministry does is assess the people in their life. You observe and ask, are they like minded to serve and help birth what God has placed inside of you?

This includes the people we marry to the friends we make and choose to keep. It is not judgment but discernment of the spirit behind that person because as you mature in your faith you realise that the company you keep can either give growth or death to your purpose. Remember Ahab and his marriage to Jezebel?

1. Was Ahab warned? Yep.

2. Did Ahab listen? Nope.

3. Did Ahab reap unpleasantness? Yep.

Sadly I can fully relate to Ahab on all questions above🙈. I thank God that His grace covered me after my divorce and still does each day with all my flaws.

While God covered me, I also had to play my part. It is through reflecting on the choices I was making (which I could trace to influences of certain people) that I am now becoming wiser.

Each day I still trip and fall but I am able to sometimes draw from the strength of the Timothy’s in my life who help me get up. They don’t scold, judge or post my business out there. They remind me who I am in Christ, speak the truth with love, remind me of my purpose and lead me back to the tracks to continue running my race.

I believe God has placed a Timothy (or a few in my case🥰) in everyone’s life. I pray that you connect with them. I pray that you can look at your life and just praise God for that person or people with a mind like yours concerning the ministry you believe God has given you.

Be and stay blessed always 🌸

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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