God wants to use YOU

I hate conflict. For someone with a temper issue that is really a bold statement.

My mother called it “the temper of Moses”. Many times God will say “Beloved, speak to the rock”. Yet, like Moses I usually disobey and strike it then ultimately miss my “Canaan” due to my disobedience. Don’t judge me, please pray for me.

So you can imagine how I always believed God would just never use me for anything. Lucy 😈 made sure that I carried that chip on my shoulder for a loooooong time!

You see, I thought God was only interested in people who were holy. I didn’t realize that holiness is God’s standard that ONLY through Him we can be. I didn’t realize that while being on earth, in my human flesh, holiness is the mark that I will be constantly pursuing but will never fully reach. Though I keep at it cos I’m so drawn to my Creator who is nothing but holy.

That’s why God honors your heart. He knows that though each day you trip and fall, your aim is to please Him. He knows that you don’t premeditate over sin and sees the remorse you go through when you do sin.

If none of this makes sense then please read the book of Psalms? There are so many emotions coming from one person in that book yet one thing is clear – the Psalmist loved God and wanted to please Him.

Stop being so hard on yourself. Wake up, pray that you walk in the light of His love and if you find yourself not living that prayer, go back to Him and He will direct your path.

God wants to use you. Yet He won’t force you. He wants you to make the choice. Just as you are, go to Him. I repeat, just as you are.

He placed something inside of you when you came to earth. That something is to be used for His glory. Since God doesn’t do mediocre it means each us have greatness within us that only God can unleash!

PSALM 34:8 is the most beautiful invitation EVER! Oh but will you just go to Him?

Be and stay blessed always 🌸

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.