2 Cor 4:18 Broken Pt 1

This post is for anyone going through brokenness. The kind of brokenness that makes you choke in tears each time you think about it.

In 2020 you kept the faith and believed that, come 2021, you are done with pain! Until something happened in 2021 that dragged you into the pit of pain like never before!!

You hit the floor hard, ALL of you shattered and you are sobbing like Naomi and ready to change your name to Mara. Ready to lose hope like Ezekiel.

And then after all of that; a warmth starts developing within.. Not because the situation has changed, but YOU did! Deep down you know God hasn’t moved from the throne, His Love still remains and that your brokenness was not in vain.

All those tears, the breaking, the pain, the anxiety and perceived neglect was not in vain. You know what? Either way, LIFE – WILL – BREAK – YOU!! The comfort is when you break in HIS presence.

I sometimes project my pain to innocent people who have nothing to do with my situation, including God. Now I’m VERY clear who my enemy is – Lucy, a.k.a Lucifer😈

Now I’m mature enough to understand that God is GOOD, like ALL the time. I’m learning to understand the real enemy who has a purpose to KILL, STEAL AND DESTROY, a.k.a Lucy 😈.

God showed me how Lucy can work through people I love and trust, through situations and through my environment. So I’m learning to be vigilant.

The world is broken. People are broken, including you. STOP expecting humans to do what ONLY GOD can do – which is – to FIX YOU and YOUR BROKENNESS. It’s just not their role in your life.

Limp, crawl or roll to Him. Whatever you choose, go👏to👏Him. People are just that – People! They have their own limitations. Trust me they are also broken in some way, they just hide it better than you.

Who but God knows the hearts of men? (Jer 17:9-10).

There are somethings in your life that only God can deal with. Please stop overwhelming your fellow humans with God-issues! Its not fair.

Whoever you believe created you, go to them. As for me – I go to Jesus. The Author and Finisher of my faith. It is by His will that I still breathe. So whatever fixing needs to happen, He must do it.

I am a Jesus Ninja. Through it all, I will forever trust and serve Him. No person has ever:

1. Sacrificed their life for me

2. Intercede for me ALL the time

3. Loved me beyond measure

That’s why He gets ALL of me, because I know how difficult I am to love, but He does – Everyday and ALLDAY❤

If you can relate – just praise Him🙌🙌🙌

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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