Buried or Planted?

The process of burial and planting is quite similar. A hole is dug, stuff is put into the ground and covered up. No one can see what is happening under ground until time has passed. With burial nothing shoots above the ground, with planting life shoots up and breaks through the ground.

How we end up in the ground is really not the issue. Life is unpredictable and everyone has been in the ground in some form or shape. Sadly some people never broke through.

While in the ground of life there is darkness, uncertainty, anguish, pain etc.. However for those who know that God’s hands can reach to that depth of darkness, believe that they have been planted and not buried. Just like a developing embryo in the womb, some gifts and callings are developed in secret. Only God knows the schedule of that development. Your role is to trust the Initiator of the process.

As I write this I’m going through that process. I feel like I’m ready to go out there, but God is saying “soon but not yet my beloved”. It’s hard being in this space. It’s lonely, painful and often frustrating. My friend reminded me last night that God knows best, I believe her. Just looking at the mess I created when I leaned on my own understanding is evidence that I should rather trust Him🙂

Keep the dream alive, it looks hopeless right now. You are at your wit’s end, breaking in ways you can’t explain, hurting and exhausted. God knows and cares. Look past your feelings and remember what He promised. Yes the Red Sea is in front, the Egyptian army is approaching BUT God did part the Red Sea..

Whatever your “Egyptian army” looks like now, God said “you shall see them no more…, be STILL” (Ex 14:13-14). You are not decaying under the ground, you are developing into something glorious. You WILL breakthrough the ground soon.

Hang in there🍀 Be blessed always.

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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