Sermon Time: Judges 6:36-39

You know the benefits of being in Christ is you only have Him to soothe, verify and justify your doubts about the events of life…

So there I was at midnight wondering if God even has time for my “petty” drama. I call it petty because I realise that being in a financial dilemma is a temporary situation compared to someone who lost a loved one – death is permanent.

Like Gideon I’m faced with battles that most people are faced with not knowing if I will actually win. So last night I literally asked God for a sign, just like Gideon did in the scriptures. I recited Psalm 51:10-11 over and over till sleep got to me..

Following day in the afternoon I was bothered by my pending battle so I shared it with a friend. The woman refers me to Psalm 51! I was like, “God, you actually listened to me😭😭”. In the middle of the night while reciting that Psalm God heard ME!

Like, the God of the Universe, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Alpha and Omega, gave ME a sign that He was listening! I don’t know about you, but that for me was epic!

God doesn’t have to prove anything to me, but He did. Like Gideon, I asked for a sign and He answered. It can’t be Satan cos all that one does is Kill, Steal and Destroy. I have experience to prove it😏

So… if God could listened to ME, a sinner, He will listen to YOU. Go to Him with whatever bothers you. Ask for a sign – even two signs if you have to – just like Gideon in the scriptures. He is faithful and just. God created YOU in HIS image. You are HIS.

God knows the plans He has for you, they are NOT evil or meant to harm you. Yes it burns right now but it’s just a season – it shall come to pass. Keep your faith and hold that head of yours high.


Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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