Sermon Time: Nothing Wasted

I have read or listened to Matthew 14:13-21 quite a few times and only today I got my AHA! moment. The scripture was more than just the miracle of multiplied fish and bread loaves. Its the process..

So Jesus was told by the disciples there was lack of food. He decided to work with what was available at that moment. No one needed to leave and go anywhere to get food.

So picture this, people have been spending their time in Jesus’ presence feeding their souls with His word. It’s now late and physiology kicks in with hunger.. Jesus did not pray the hunger away – He gave the people food using what LOOKED like lack to the disciples.

You WILL go through moments of hunger even while you were busy doing God’s will with your time. God WILL provide for whatever you NEED, using what you may be viewing as lack.

The process:

1. Jesus first blessed the food THEN

2. Broke it THEN

3. Multiplied it

He blessed first because it is only with God’s hand in whatever we are going through that we survive brokenness. That’s why the Bible says “Through the Lord’s mercies we are not consumed” Lam 3:22. So you can trust that whatever state of brokenness you experience, His hand is there with and for you.

When something breaks, it multiplies.. you become more than what you were. Now I understand why Paul said he rejoices in his tribulations. No I’m not there yet.. I kick, scream and get mad when going through brokenness. Don’t judge me.. pray for me please.

My favorite part is nothing that overflowed from the multiplication went to waste! Jesus asked that it be gathered! You get blessed, broken, multiplied and gathered! Oh but Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!! Lord continue to use what others view as lack or nothing! You did it with fish and bread, I believe you can do it with me!

Most of my blog entries where inspired by some form of brokenness. Each experience has brought me closer to Him. He is ALL I know to run to with my wounds and pains. I even joked with my friend that can God please pick less painful methods to get me to write! It seems pain triggers the writer in me..

So guys, what breaks me, may not break you; YET it’s still brokenness. I thank God for the people in my life who are there when I am breaking bad. They remind me of Whose I am and His track record!

Find such people in your life who will always remind you that God is bigger than any brokenness. Who will patiently listen to your rants and raves then gently remind you who God is. Who will validate your feelings because they too have walked a similar path. Who remind you that GOD LOVES YOU with your dramatic, cry-baby, diva self!


Be and stay blessed ALWAYS!

Published by Ms EE Mofokeng

I was born to love, learn and serve. I am a Jesus Ninja.

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