Sermon Time – STOP the cycle

Yep! You guessed right. I just love the Old Testament. It’s like those stories were written for my spirit! Some notes I jotted from reading Ezekiel 16.

V3: Origins – it is VERY important to know where you come from. Some of us are stuck with fruits of seeds we didn’t sow and legacies we didn’t create because of our origins

V4: What conditions were you born into? Did people celebrate your birth or were you an inconvenience and a very unpleasant suprise? How has that influenced the person you are today?

The Restoration
V6: There is a real struggle going on here. You are bleeding, in pain about to just give up on life – you have faced consecutive failure, rejection, shame – your body, heart, mind and soul are bleeding – God says LIVE!

V7: Only after making the choice to live God starts the process

V8: Key word is “again” this restoration thing is a process

V9: Now that you are His, God washes off the blood that represents everything from your past and annoints you. Remember the woman with the issue of blood?

V10 – 14: Complete makeover!

And then… we forget V14 – 34

And so the cycle repeats
V38: Back to being covered in blood (V6)
V39: Back to nakedness (V7)
V44: Back to who the devil always wanted you to remain and keeps whispering “You forget your place”


Stop this cycle!
Wherever you are God wants to make it right (V60)

He is the only one who can deliver you from this cycle – Rom 7:21-24. God is about eternal stuff (Isa 60:15) not “once off wonders”

God is not like humans who have thresholds – there is no “you are just beyond redemption”

He created you knowing you would be in such a state. Rom 8:1 no condemnation…

You are no one’s business but God’s – go to Him just as you are with your blood, shady past, receding hairline, brokenness – He loves You!


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